Superfluidity group

We are part of the Joint Low Temperature Laboratory established between the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the Charles University in Prague and the Institute of Physics of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.

Our prime interest is in cryogenic fluid dynamics, a field of physics concerning the flow of cold helium gas (turbulent convection at very high Rayleigh numbers), normal liquid and superfluid helium (quantum turbulence, quantum cavitation, sound emission).

We investigate these flows using different methods ranging from studies of oscillatory flows due to submerged bodies (down to millikelvin temperatures), via our traditional second sound attenuation technique suitable to detect quantized vortices, to modern and powerful flow visualization techniques such as particle image velocimetry or particle tracking velocimetry.

We also study various problems of superflow theoretically. Additionally, we are interested in adiabatic demagnetization, in various problems of classical viscous flows, as well as in dynamics of quantized vortices in second type superconductors. All of our experimental setups are at least partly home-made, therefore an integral part of our activity is the development of low temperature equipment and thermometry.

Head:prof. RNDr. Ladislav Skrbek, DrSc.
Tel.: +420 951 55 2558
Fax.: +420 951 55 2567
Address: V Holešovičkách 2, 180 00 Prague 8, Czech Republic